Month: April 2017

  • Deenethorpe Airfield

    Deenethorpe Airfield

    Ian and Meow flew to Deenethorpe today for lunch with Mum. Low cloud on the way over, but it got brighter and the cloud got higher as the day went on. Outbound flight log Unable to raise Coningsby we chose to route around. Unable to raise Wittering we decided the RAF was having a day…

  • Pleasure flight

    Pleasure flight

    The weather is getting better by the day. With clear skies and little wind we took a quick flight down the Lincolnshire coast to Skegness and back. Flight log Departing Strubby runway 26 with a south-westerly wind we turned north to clear the two gliders operating to the south. Coasting out north of Mablethorpe we…

  • Cranfield Airport

    Cranfield Airport

    A lovely flying day with little cloud and all above 2,500 feet. Outbound flight log We routed south via Boston, Spalding and Peterborough for a landing on Cranfield runway 03. Cranfield Airport Return flight log We returned via Graffam Water, Wisbech and through Holbeach Range to Old leake and into Strubby for a crosswind landing…

  • Flying in the rain

    Flying in the rain

    Having promised an after-lunch flight to my brother-in-law, we arrived at Strubby in light rain and cloud at 1,500 feet. He wasn’t put off so we ventured forth! Intending to route down the coast to Skegness, we were put off by the heavier rain and lower cloud to the south so returned to Strubby for…

  • Wellesbourne Mountford

    Wellesbourne Mountford

    Another very windy day but still sunny spells and cloud above 2,500 feet, so yet another a trip to the southwest, this time to Wellesbourne Mountford for a day out in Stratford-upon-Avon with Meow. Flight log Taking off from Strubby runway 26 we headed through Coningsby MATZ because they were closed for the Easter holiday.…

  • Halfpenny Green

    Halfpenny Green

    A windy day but sunny spells and cloud above 2,500 feet all over the midlands, so ideal for a trip southwest. Strubby to Gamston First leg was to Gamston to collect Kev. Landing on runway 03 for the first time. Gamston to Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Kev took over for the outbound leg and faced a…

  • To Gamston for lunch

    To Gamston for lunch

    Another scorching day, so Ian & Meow headed off to Retford Gamston Airport for lunch at The Apron. A lot of haze, so visibility was limited, but otherwise a nice flying day. Outbound route We headed west through the Waddington/Scampton MATZes, overhead Lincoln and Tuxford before joining downwind for runway 21. Lincoln cathedral & castle…

  • Radio check

    Radio check

    A fabulous flying day with clear blue skies and very little wind, so Meow joined Ian to take G-LTFB down to Skegness for a radio check. Outbound route Departing Skegness Airfield Fantasy Island Return route A detour to the south to look for Croft airfield – still can’t find it!

  • Mission Accomplished

    Mission Accomplished

    We’ve tried twice before to land at Fenland Airfield and failed on both occasions. The first time was a very busy day with lots of traffic arriving. After a bounced landing and go-around we decided it was safer to head elsewhere. The second time was down to bad weather. This time we made it though!…