Wellesbourne Mountford

Another very windy day but still sunny spells and cloud above 2,500 feet, so yet another a trip to the southwest, this time to Wellesbourne Mountford for a day out in Stratford-upon-Avon with Meow.

Flight log

Taking off from Strubby runway 26 we headed through Coningsby MATZ because they were closed for the Easter holiday. Turning southwest, it was a straight run all the way to Wellesbourne, passing Leicester Airport and flying overhead Bruntingthorpe.

We returned by the same route for an extreme crosswind landing at Strubby.

Wellesbourne flight log

Take-off and landing

Overhead Bruntingthorpe Airfield


Wellesbourne Mountford Airport

G-LTFB parked at Wellesbourne Mountford airport
Wellesbourne Mountford airport
Wellesbourne Mountford airport

Stratford upon Avon

It’s an easy 10-minute taxi ride from the airport into town for around a tenner.

After a lovely Italian lunch we had a wander around the town centre and along the canal-side.

Stratford upon Avon canal
Stratford upon Avon barges
Wellesbourne Mountford day trip to Stratford
Stratford upon Avon canal