Author: Ian Fereday

  • Solo circuits

    Solo circuits

    A lovely flying day The UK is enjoying a mini-heatwave. Clear skies, little wind and temperature approaching 20 degrees was too good to miss. Although there was a slight crosswind favouring runway 26, it was negligible, so 08 was chosen to practice flatter approaches (not possible over the village and hangars into 26). Circuit 1…

  • Solo local flight

    Solo local flight

    Best weather for many days The forecasted better weather never materialised over the weekend, so the Corby Sunday lunch was postponed. Monday dawned cloud free with a temperature above 13 degrees, so Ian made the most of the opportunity and took a quick flight north and south before returning to Strubby. Flight log

  • Back in the sky!

    Back in the sky!

    We’re back and raring to go. With the annual service and check completed, we picked up G-LTFB and returned to Strubby to refuel. The weather looking good for the day, we decided to make a quick trip to an old favourite – Peterborough Conington. Flight log Awful headwind – never got above 75 knots all…

  • Annual & ARC

    Annual & ARC

    To Skegness Airfield for annual and ARC After weeks of waiting for the weather to improve and the grass runway in Skegness to dry out enough for a landing, we were finally able to move G-LTFB today. The runway was still slightly damp, which made for an exciting moment on touch-down. Flight log It’s brief!…

  • Phuket Island

    Phuket Island

    HS-OXY around the island A 40-minute flight around Phuket island from Phuket Airpark with Robert. Never above 1,000 feet. Flight log Although I started Sky Demon, it didn’t log the flight. Here’s a rough route from Google maps.

  • Duxford déjà vu

    Duxford déjà vu

    To IWM Duxford with Champ Ian and Champ headed south for a day out at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. The attractive landing fee for such a great airfield and also including entrance for two to the museum, makes this place hard to beat for value. Ian’s third trip to Duxford this year, but still…

  • New flyer

    New flyer

    Wickenby with Hannah Ian was joined by Hannah for her first ever flight. Heading west for Wickenby for a quick coffee break, we returned via Skegness and the coast. Flight log

  • North & South

    North & South

    1-hour solo Ian departed runway 26 and headed north of Louth before returning to land, then departed to the south to find Croft Airfield (successfully this time). Flight log

  • Family flight

    Family flight

    4-up from Strubby Airfield Ian took off with Bebe, Gick and May heading for Peterborough Conington, but rain and low cloud south of Boston spoiled the plan. A hasty retreat via Skegness and the coast brought us back to Strubby just 45 minutes after departing. Departure video Flight log Photo gallery

  • Sandown & Thruxton

    Sandown & Thruxton

    Sandown Airfield, Isle of Wight We headed off to the south coast on what was forecast to be a clear sunny day with limited chance of rain showers. Strubby to Sandown flight log Santa Pod Raceway Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight Southampton docks Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower Sandown Airfield from the south Sandown Airfield…