Back in the sky!

We’re back and raring to go.

With the annual service and check completed, we picked up G-LTFB and returned to Strubby to refuel.

The weather looking good for the day, we decided to make a quick trip to an old favourite – Peterborough Conington.

Flight log

Awful headwind – never got above 75 knots all the way there.

G-LTFB flight from Strubby to Peterborough


After a tasty panini and coffee we headed back the way we’d come, never below 110 knots with a good tailwind.

G-LTFB flight from Peterborough to Strubby

Kev’s circuits

With the weather deteriorating, Kev took the opportunity to do some circuits at Strubby.

Kev circuits Strubby in G-LTFB