Family flight

4-up from Strubby Airfield

Ian took off with Bebe, Gick and May heading for Peterborough Conington, but rain and low cloud south of Boston spoiled the plan. A hasty retreat via Skegness and the coast brought us back to Strubby just 45 minutes after departing.

Departure video

Flight log

Bebe flight log

Photo gallery

Bebe on runway 26
Gick on runway 26
Gick in hangar 3
G-LTFB waiting
Bebe with G-LTFB in hangar 3
Gick poses with G-LTFB
Gick & May pose with G-LTFB
Preparing G-LTFB for departure
Bebe & Ian onboard G-LTFB
Family flight in G-LTFB
Gick & May selfie onboard G-LTFB
G-LTFB overhead Boston