Month: May 2017

  • Another tour from the past

    Another tour from the past

    A tour from G-LTFB’s logbook. This trip was made during August 2013 over a period of 4 days. From To Duration Alderney Le Havre 2.2 Le Havre Rouen 1.2 Rouen Le Touquet 0.8 Le Touquet Texel 2.2 Texel Wangerooge 1.1 Wangerooge Karlshöfen 0.6 Karlshöfen Oostende 2.4 Oostende Shoreham 1.5 Shoreham Alderney 1.3

  • Sunday lunch in Suffolk

    Sunday lunch in Suffolk

    Strubby to Beccles flight log Meow and Ian flew down to Beccles on the east coast of Suffolk for Sunday lunch with friends. Beccles was busy with multiple parachute drops, so we had to orbit to the south until they were all down. Irene & Cath try G-LTFB for size We enjoyed a terrific lunch…

  • York day trip

    York day trip

    Strubby to York Rufforth West flight log We headed directly for York via Louth, Brigg, and north of Goole in clear blue sky and a nice tailwind. There was some gliding activity but no other powered aircraft. York Rufforth West airfield Final on runway 17. This is the base of York Gliding Centre and has…

  • Crosland Moor & Bagby

    Crosland Moor & Bagby

    Strubby to Crosland Moor flight log North-west through Doncaster controlled airspace for an uphill landing surrounded by hills. Crosland Moor Airfield Crosland Moor to Bagby flight log We’d planned to continue on to Sutton Bank, but were put off by the use of the short runway and lots of gliding activity. Headed for Bagby via…

  • Lydd & Fairoaks

    Lydd & Fairoaks

    Strubby to Lydd flight log South bound via Boston, Wisbech and Ely, passing through Lakenheath MATZ, we skirted Stansted airspace before transiting Southend zone and crossing the Thames estuary for Ashford. The Thames estuary looking towards the city. Lydd Airport from downwind. Lydd to Fairoaks flight log We routed west to the south of Gatwick…

  • Pooleys fly-in 2017

    Pooleys fly-in 2017

    Outbound flight log A planned long straight run to the south-east was interrupted by an anvil cloud (cumulonimbus incus) to the south of Coningsby, which we had to route around. Cloud remained around 3,000 feet for the remainder of the journey. Compton Abbas had the busiest circuit we have ever encountered, with multiple aircraft arriving…

  • TOPNAV navigation competition

    TOPNAV navigation competition

    Outbound flight log Having made a last-minute enrolment for the TOPNAV 2017 VFR flight navigation competition, we set off early for Peterborough Conington to make the briefing planned for 11:00am. TOPNAV 2017 TOPNAV is a VFR navigation competition for private pilots, organised by GANG and sponsored by Pooleys, and held every year in May. It…

  • Cambridge day trip

    Cambridge day trip

    Outbound flight log We headed south in clear skies with little wind, but encountered cloud from The Wash at 2,000 feet once south of Boston. Routed around the west of Cambridge to join the circuit crosswind for runway 23 left-hand. Landing Cambridge Airport runway 23 Cambridge Airport & AeroClub Cambridge tour We joined a walking…

  • Yorkshire Air Museum

    Yorkshire Air Museum

    Outbound flight log With low cloud forecast throughout the day and easterly winds of 10 to 20 knots, we took off from Strubby runway 08 to see how high we could get. Feeling comfortable at 1200 feet we continued on for Elvington, routing via Brigg and Goole. The cloud base slowly improved to 1500 feet…

  • Duxford revisited

    Duxford revisited

    Ian took a new passenger along for a trip to Duxford today. Jose is a local microlight pilot who owns a Thruster and his own grass strip with hangar. Outbound flight log A north-westerly wind on departure with cloud at 1,000 feet, but it cleared as we headed south. Beyond Boston was sunshine and cloud…