York day trip

Strubby to York Rufforth West flight log

We headed directly for York via Louth, Brigg, and north of Goole in clear blue sky and a nice tailwind. There was some gliding activity but no other powered aircraft.

Strubby to York Rufforth flight log
depart Strubby for York

York Rufforth West airfield

Final on runway 17.

G-LTFB landing York Rufforth runway 17

This is the base of York Gliding Centre and has dozens of gliders on site in trailer hangars.

G-LTFB on the grass parking at the Gliding Centre Clubhouse.

G-LTFB parked at York Rufforth

Out and about in York

York river cruise
River Ouse in York
York river wildlife

York Rufforth West to Strubby flight log

Having waited for the thunderstorms and showers to pass to the north, we headed southeast in leaden skies.

Depart York for Strubby
York Rufforth to Strubby flight log