Cambridge day trip

Outbound flight log

We headed south in clear skies with little wind, but encountered cloud from The Wash at 2,000 feet once south of Boston. Routed around the west of Cambridge to join the circuit crosswind for runway 23 left-hand.

Strubby to Cambridge flight log

Landing Cambridge Airport runway 23

G-LTFB landing Cambridge Airport runway 23

Cambridge Airport & AeroClub

Cambridge Airport
Cambridge AeroClub
G-LTFB Cambridge Airport parking

Cambridge tour

We joined a walking tour of Cambridge that took in the major sites, including entry to some of the more impressive colleges. Here’s King’s College Chapel and the River Cam.

Kings College Chapel Cambridge
River Cam bridge

Return flight log

We returned the way we’d came but with a slight tailwind to speed us along.

Cambridge to Strubby flight log