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  • Stunning south coast

    Stunning south coast

    A trip down south Gamston stop-off A short leg west to Retford Gamston to pick up Kev. Gamston flight log Distance flown 50 nautical miles Maximum altitude 3,674 feet Flight time 33 minutes Maximum speed 105 knots Average speed 90 knots Gamston to Lee-on-Solent The best weather we’ve seen so far this year. Lee-on-Solent flight…

  • AeroExpo 2018

    AeroExpo 2018

    Wycombe Air Park Strubby to Wycombe (Booker) The outbound leg was in to a headwind for the entire journey Wycombe flight log Distance flown 120 nautical miles Maximum altitude 4,663 feet Flight time 1 hour 28 minutes Maximum speed 112 knots Average speed 81 knots Wycombe to Strubby The return benefited from a good tailwind.…

  • The Cotswolds

    The Cotswolds

    Kemble & Sywell Strubby to Kemble Ian took the outbound leg under a cloud ceiling of 1,500 feet, which was forecast to improve through the day. Mum got a birthday flypast while out for lunch at Hallaton. Kemble flight log Distance flown 154 nautical miles Maximum altitude 2,326 feet Flight time 1 hour 33 minutes…

  • Flexwing training

    Flexwing training

    Ian’s begun flexwing training Training is with FlyLight out of Northampton Sywell in a Quik GT450. Training flight log Distance flown 47 nautical miles Maximum altitude 4,241 feet Flight time 53 minutes Maximum speed 70 knots Average speed 53 knots

  • Angela’s first flight

    Angela’s first flight

    Local tour with Angela Deenethorpe flight log Distance flown 76 nautical miles Maximum altitude 2,775 feet Flight time 49 minutes Maximum speed 121 knots Average speed 93 knots Peterborough flight log Distance flown 57 nautical miles Maximum altitude 2,240 feet Flight time 40 minutes Maximum speed 125 knots Average speed 85 knots Deenethorpe flight log…

  • Earls Colne & Deenethorpe

    Earls Colne & Deenethorpe

    South over The Wash Earls Colne flight log Distance flown 101 nautical miles Maximum altitude 2,350 feet Flight time 1 hour 8 minutes Maximum speed 108 knots Average speed 88 knots Deenethorpe flight log Distance flown 75 nautical miles Maximum altitude 2,281 feet Flight time 44 minutes Maximum speed 123 knots Average speed 101 knots…

  • Kirkbride – northwest England

    Kirkbride – northwest England

    Over the Pennines Unable to start the fuel bowser at Strubby, we were forced to make a refuelling stop at Sturgate before heading west then north for Kirkbride, just a few miles west of Carlisle. Sturgate flight log Distance flown 40 nautical miles Maximum altitude 2,071 feet Flight time 27 minutes Maximum speed 105 knots…

  • North of the border

    North of the border

    Dundee Airport Outbound flight log Distance flown 232 nautical miles Maximum altitude 4,068 feet Flight time 2 hours 18 minutes Maximum speed 116 knots Average speed 101 knots Inbound flight log Distance flown 234 nautical miles Maximum altitude 3,202 feet Flight time 2 hours 48 minutes Maximum speed 105 knots Average speed 83 knots Photos…

  • Sunday lunch in Beccles

    Sunday lunch in Beccles

    Suffolk for lunch Ian flew solo down to Beccles for Sunday lunch with friends on the River Waveney. Non-radio airfield with active skydivers made for a nervous arrival. Outbound flight log Distance flown 85 nautical miles Maximum altitude 3,279 feet Flight time 57 minutes Maximum speed 98 knots Average speed 89 knots Inbound flight log…

  • East to west coast

    East to west coast

    Terrific weather The May day bank holiday weekend brought some fantastic weather, so Ian and Kev headed west to Caernarfon in north Wales. Outbound flight log Distance flown 182 nautical miles Maximum altitude 3,921 feet Flight time 2 hours 1 minute Maximum speed 106 knots Average speed 90 knots Inbound flight log Distance flown 181…