Stunning south coast

A trip down south

Gamston stop-off

A short leg west to Retford Gamston to pick up Kev.

Strubby to Gamston flight log

Gamston flight logDistance flown 50 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 3,674 feetFlight time 33 minutes
Maximum speed 105 knotsAverage speed 90 knots

Gamston to Lee-on-Solent

The best weather we’ve seen so far this year.

Gamston to Lee on Solent flight log

Lee-on-Solent flight logDistance flown 167 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 5,043 feetFlight time 1 hour 46 minutes
Maximum speed 107 knotsAverage speed 94 knots

Lee-on-Solent to Gamston

Back to Gamston to drop off Kev. We departed east along The Solent to get a stunning view of Portsmouth Harbour.

Lee on Solent to Gamston flight log

Gamston return flight logDistance flown 169 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 5,506 feetFlight time 1 hour 48 minutes
Maximum speed 107 knotsAverage speed 94 knots

Portsmouth Harbour

Gamston back to Strubby

Ian travelled home solo.

Gamston to Strubby flight log

Strubby flight logDistance flown 46 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 5,423 feetFlight time 31 minutes
Maximum speed 109 knotsAverage speed 89 knots