Kirkbride – northwest England

Over the Pennines

Unable to start the fuel bowser at Strubby, we were forced to make a refuelling stop at Sturgate before heading west then north for Kirkbride, just a few miles west of Carlisle.

Sturgate flight logDistance flown 40 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 2,071 feetFlight time 27 minutes
Maximum speed 105 knotsAverage speed 88 knots

Sturgate flight log

Kirkbride flight logDistance flown 165 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 6,581 feetFlight time 1 hour 45 minutes
Maximum speed 115 knotsAverage speed 91 knots

Kirkbride flight log

Strubby flight logDistance flown 161 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 6,991 feetFlight time 1 hour 47 minutes
Maximum speed 103 knotsAverage speed 90 knots

Kirkbride to Strubby flight path


Approaching south Pennines

south Pennine moors

Kev negotiates the cloud

head in the clouds

Kev reaches new heights

reaching new heights

Morecambe Bay ahead

Morecambe ahead

South Pennine moors

a new record

Pennine Hills

Pennine hills

Pennine moors

Pennine moors

North Pennines

North Pennines

Kirkbride airfield

Kirkbride airfield

Kirkbride tower

Kirkbride tower

Picnic at Kirkbride

airfield picnic