Month: June 2017

  • Alternator failure

    Alternator failure

    In-flight emergency An alternator failure isn’t really an emergency, but it’s not something you want happening when you’re in the air. The engine will continue to run as it uses independent magnetos for ignition and mechanical pumps for fuel and oil. The battery powers everything else (lights, radios, transponder, etc) and is recharged by the…

  • Quick Skegness trip

    Quick Skegness trip

    A short hop Ian and Meow nipped down to Skegness to scrounge some spare fuses for G-LTFB. Skegness’ grass runway is quite uneven and can cause you to ‘porpoise’ if you land too fast.

  • Nottingham day-trip

    Nottingham day-trip

    Perfect flying weather Ian and Meow flew to Nottingham City Airport (Tollerton) for a day out in the city, on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. G-LTFB at 5,000 feet Landing runway 27 Heading home

  • Up north

    Up north

    First stop Eshott Kev took us north past Grimsby, Hull and Driffield, then followed the coast beyond Middlesborough. Cleared through Newcastle airspace we landed on Eshott runway 19. Ian took over for the leg over the Pennines to Carlisle. Kev blagged us a visit to Carlisle control tower. We headed home through the stunning scenery…

  • Buddies take to the sky

    Buddies take to the sky

    Two lifelong buddies take to the sky Kev and Rich have known each other for over 40 years. Richard is a licensed aircraft engineer and an LAA inspector, as well as a 700-hour GA pilot and best man at Kev’s wedding. Kev has flown with Rich on numerous occasions, so it was really neat for…

  • AeroExpo 2017

    AeroExpo 2017

    Strubby to Wycombe Air Park Departed in cloud at 700 feet, but it gradually cleared as we headed south until we were in clear skies by the time we passed Milton Keynes. Busy parking lot Arrivals were by pre-booked slots, which was necessary given the number of arriving aircraft. Excellent displays The show offered everything…

  • Cleethorpes tour

    Cleethorpes tour

    Cleethorpes and back A quick flight from Strubby up to Cleethorpes and back again, for no better reason than it’s a lovely day for flying. Southeast from Strubby airfield Cleethorpes pier and beach