AeroExpo 2017

Strubby to Wycombe Air Park

Departed in cloud at 700 feet, but it gradually cleared as we headed south until we were in clear skies by the time we passed Milton Keynes.

Strubby Airfield to Wycombe Air Park flight log

Busy parking lot

Arrivals were by pre-booked slots, which was necessary given the number of arriving aircraft.

G-LTFB parked at AeroExpo 2017
AeroExpo aircraft parking 2017

Excellent displays

The show offered everything from insurance companies and spare parts, to navigation software and turboprop planes.

AeroExpo 2017
posing with a Pilatus at AeroExpo
radial engine at AeroExpo 2017

Wycombe Air Park to Strubby

We returned the way we’d come, but now at 4,000 feet in clear skies.

Wycombe Air Park to Strubby Airfield flight log