Month: January 2017

  • Tour of south Lincs coast

    Tour of south Lincs coast

    Awful weather for the last two weeks left us grounded until today. Taking off from Strubby runway 08 we flew north before turning back at Covenham reservoir and heading south following the coast. From Skegness we turned back north for Strubby.

  • Night rating completed

    Night rating completed

    Kevin finished off his Night Rating today at Humberside International Airport. Having already completed more than 4 hours of dual instruction, his last task was five solo full-stop landings. Certificate awarded by Roy Murray, CFI & Examiner, Frank Morgan School of Flying.

  • South Lincs tour

    South Lincs tour

    The weather is still not great, certainly not good enough for a trip anywhere. Today, though, the cloud base was high enough that we could do a local tour. Departing Strubby runway 26 we headed south then east for the coast, before crossing overhead Skegness. Searched in vain for Croft airfield – it must be…

  • A trip to Seething

    A trip to Seething

    With bad weather forecast for several days we grabbed the opportunity to fly down to Norfolk. Heading southeast from Strubby we crossed The Wash, coasting in at Hunstanton before passing Sandringham. Skirting around Norwich airspace we landed at a closed Seething. No other visitors because the airfield is unmanned today. A quick memento before starting…

  • Return from Humberside

    Return from Humberside

    Ian took G-LTFB home to Strubby today. The weather forecast for the next week or more is not great, so the Night Rating training is postponed.

  • Night rating Pt. 1

    Night rating Pt. 1

    Kev took his first supervised night flight today in G-BEAC at Humberside Airport. Quite an experience. Our thanks to Roy Murray of Frank Morgan School of Flying for giving up his evenings. On the southern apron refuelling. Over the Humber with Hull to starboard. North of Hull heading for Beverley and Driffield. In the cockpit…

  • Return to Humberside

    Return to Humberside

    Ian took G-LTFB back to Humberside today, the place where our flying began about a year ago. We’ll be based here for a few/several days to complete our night ratings with Roy Murray of Frank Morgan School of Flying (weather permitting). ATC offered a join for runway 20, but the low sun encountered after the…