Trip to an old favourite

The weather hasn’t been good to us recently, so we took the first opportunity to get a day’s flying in and decided on a trip to Peterborough Conington. It’s not too far (especially when the weather is marginal) and it’s a place we know well from our QXC’s.

Kevin took the outbound trip. With all the RAF airfields closed for the xmas holiday, there was no-one to talk to until we got on to Conington. The circuit was busy and there was even a deaf pilot doing circuits and transmitting blind. A new challenge to deal with …

G-LTFB Strubby to Peterborough Conington route

A nice clubhouse and cafe at Conington.

Peterborough Conington Airfield cafe

G-LTFB on the apron.

G-LTFB at Peterborough Conington Airfield EGSF

G-LTFB at Peterborough Conington Airfield EGSF

Ian took the return and included a fly-past for his Dad in Kettering General Hospital.

Peterborough Conington to Strubby route

G-LTFB overhead Kettering General Hospital

With a good tailwind we clocked over 130 knots all the way home.


Abbreviated cockpit video.