Home of Airbus

The weather didn’t deter us from a coast-to-coast trip today.

First leg of our trip

Setting off from Strubby we stopped off at Gamston to collect a passenger. Scampton was ‘hot’ and we were treated to a private air display by the Red Arrows.

Strubby to Gamston flight

Second leg of the trip

Our journey continued west to Hawarden airport, home of Airbus in the UK, where they manufacture wings for all Airbus commercial aircraft at their Broughton Factory. Hawarden’s 3,000 metre runway is where the Airbus ‘Beluga’ flies from twice daily delivering wings to assembly plants throughout Europe. With rain and fog arriving from the west we didn’t hang around.

Gamston to Hawarden flight

Wing view, but the battery didn’t make it to Hawarden …

The return

Our return took us via Crewe, over the Peak District, past Stoke-on-Trent and Mansfield, back into Gamston to drop off our passenger. The Red Arrows were still in the air!

Hawarden to Gamston flight

Kev with our passenger, Pat, on the apron at Gamston Retford Airfield.

G-LTFB at Gamston Retford Airfield

Then onwards to Humberside to refuel. Familiar ground.

Gamston to Humberside flight

Kev admires the refueller’s skill and wishes it were summer.

Refuelling at Humberside

Before heading home to Strubby just before sunset with the fog settling in. Got back just in time.

Humberside to Strubby flight