Groundhog Day

Meow flew with me to Spanhoe for lunch with Mum, a repeat of the previous week’s trip. This is set to become the most commonly flown route.

Ready for departure at Strubby

G-LTFB at Strubby Airfield

Compulsory pre-takeoff selfie

G-LTFB departing Strubby

Outbound route to Spanhoe

G-LTFB EGCG to Spanhoe route log

Descent & landing at Spanhoe

Strubby to Spanhoe in Google Earth

USAAF Spanhoe

G-LTFB at Spanhoe Airfield
USAAF Spanhoe memorial
USAAF Spanhoe memorial

Departing overhead Welland Viaduct

G-LTFB overhead Harringworth and Welland Viaduct

Return flight log

G-LTFB Spanhoe to Strubby route log