Great Massingham, Norfolk

It was third time lucky for Meow’s trip to Norfolk.

Today we finally managed to reach Great Massingham and had clear skies all the way there and back.

Outbound flight log

From Strubby runway 26 we hugged the coast down to Skegness before crossing The Wash into Norfolk.

outbound flight log G-LTFB

Inbound flight log

From Great Massingham runway 22 we headed west to Kings Lynn, then via Holbeach and Boston before turning for Skegness. After some photos overhead Skeg we routed north into Strubby 26.

inbound flight log G-LTFB

G-LTFB collage

G-LTFB lives in hangar 3 at Strubby. Nearest the door – first out.

G-LTFB leaving the hangar

Readying G-LTFB for the flight.

Ian readies G-LTFB at Strubby Airfield

Said to be the prettiest village in Norfolk.

Meow poses in Great Massingham

Meow made a new friend on the way in to the village.

Meow made a new friend