Eddsfield & HUY

Eddsfield, Yorkshire

We took off from Strubby 26 grass for the first time, with Ian at the controls. One stage of flap and we still only just got off before running out of runway.

Outbound flight log

Strubby to Eddsfield flight log

Overhead the Humber estuary with Grimsby and Immingham Docks off to the left.

Immingham Docks

Eddsfield is a 700-metre grass strip with the 27 approach being over tall trees and a hedge, and a tall mast just off to the left.

Eddsfield approach

Eddsfield is set in beautiful surroundings with terrific views all around. The airfield is enclosed by crops, which were being harvested during our visit.

G-LTFB at Eddsfield

Drop-in at Humberside

With HUY being on our way back we thought we’d visit Frank Morgan School of Flying to say hello. It was good to catch up after a year since completing our flying training, but the £24 landing fee was painful.

Eddsfield to Humberside flight log

Home in foggles

Wanting to get some IMC practice, Ian put on the foggles at 500 feet and flew all the way back to Strubby, including a diversion around a flying display over Louth. All went well up to overshooting the turn on to final at 700 feet.

Humberside to Strubby flight log