Blue sky flying

Whilst on holiday in Phuket, I went flying with Robert Schmidt, my first flying instructor. We headed out to Phi Phi, then Railey beach and back to Phuket.

Phang Nga Bay route

Phang Nga Bay flight log
Phuket landing

Phuket Airpark

The airstrip is privately owned by Robert and has a 500 metre grass runway with 150 metre overrun. There are several aircraft based here, including 3 that Robert owns himself.

Phuket Airpark runway 13/31
Phuket Airpark tower


HS-OXY is an Ultravia Aero Pelican with a Rotax 912s engine. A sports car compared to G-LTFB!

HS-OXY Ultravia Aero Pelican
HS-OXY cockpit view
Phuket Ultravia Aero Pelican