The Cotswolds

Kemble & Sywell

Strubby to Kemble

Ian took the outbound leg under a cloud ceiling of 1,500 feet, which was forecast to improve through the day. Mum got a birthday flypast while out for lunch at Hallaton.

Strubby to Kemble flight log

Kemble flight log Distance flown 154 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 2,326 feet Flight time 1 hour 33 minutes
Maximum speed 111 knots Average speed 99 knots

Kemble airfield
Kemble Cotswold Airport

Kemble to Sywell

Kev took the next leg into Northampton Sywell.

Sywell flight log

Sywell flight log Distance flown 71 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 2,022 feet Flight time 52 minutes
Maximum speed 100 knots Average speed 82 knots

G-LTFB at Sywell parking

Sywell to Strubby

Ian took the final leg home.

Strubby Airfield flight log

Strubby flight log Distance flown 79 nautical miles
Maximum altitude 2,122 feet Flight time 54 minutes
Maximum speed 101 knots Average speed 88 knots