Month: July 2017

  • Turweston, Northants

    Turweston, Northants

    Turweston Airfield Ian took the outbound leg into a substantial headwind. The circuit was busy on arrival, which resulted in a go-around after following a slow aircraft in. Outbound flight log G-LTFB on the apron LAA Headquarters View from the tower Return flight log Kev took the return with a very helpful tailwind.

  • Local tour

    Local tour

    South Lincs It’s been a while since I had a chance to go flying, so with today being such a nice day, it couldn’t be missed! Meow joined me for a quick trip down the Lincolnshire coast to Gibraltar point and back.

  • Leicester lunch

    Leicester lunch

    Lunch in Kibworth Ian flew solo to Leicester Airport to meet his Mum and sister for lunch at Boboli Italian restaurant in Kibworth. Delayed a little on arrival with students in the circuit, necessitating an orbit on the deadside before landing. Boboli Restaurant The return was uneventful other than Waddington requiring MATZ transit at 3,000…

  • Northampton Sywell

    Northampton Sywell

    Sywell Aerodrome Ian and Kev took a trip down to Sywell to get familiar with the airfield prior to visiting in September for the fly-in, when it will be extremely busy. Ian took the outbound leg and Kev the return in deteriorating conditions.

  • Wickenby visit

    Wickenby visit

    Mark’s first flight Prepping G-LTFB outside hangar 3 at Strubby Airfield Ian took Mark for a trip down the coast to Skegness before heading northwest to land at Wickenby. The return took in Market Rasen racecourse, Louth and Covenham Reservoir.

  • Test flight

    Test flight

    New alternator fitted After ground running for several minutes to check the charge level with various electrical items on and off, I took a quick flight south down the coast to make sure everything was working correctly.