Month: November 2016

  • G-LTFB detail

    G-LTFB detail

    Here’s a cockpit shot of G-LTFB. She’s equipped with Garmin GNS430 GPS, GTX328 Mode S Transponder and an SL40 VHF comm radio. Since passing our flying skill’s tests, we now fly mostly with Sky Demon on portable devices, but occasionally use charts to keep our hand in. And a friendly smile …

  • Annual in Skegness

    Annual in Skegness

    G-LTFB was moved to Skegness today, where she’ll remain for 2-3 weeks for her annual inspection and airworthiness review. Ian’s first landing on wet grass with a light crosswind. Quite exciting.

  • Meow’s first flight

    Meow’s first flight

    Meow joined Ian for a 30-minute trip around the local area; her first flight in G-LTFB without an instructor present.

  • Gamston & Leeds

    Gamston & Leeds

    Our latest trip took us to Gamston then Leeds East. The video below is take-off from Strubby to landing at Retford Gamston Airport. Here’s our route on SkyDemon.