Month: July 2016

  • Ian’s QXC

    Ian’s QXC

    Ian completed his solo QXC today, visiting Peterborough Conington and Leicester. The QXC was flown using only charts and dead reckoning, but here it is plotted on SkyDemon.

  • Kevin’s dual QXC

    Kevin’s dual QXC

    Kevin flying his dual QXC with instructor Edward Hawkins of Frank Morgan School of Flying, based at Humberside International Airport. The route was Humberside – Peterborough Conington – Leicester – Humberside. QXC solo was successfully completed the following week.

  • Ian’s first navex

    Ian’s first navex

    Ian’s first navex was from Humberside to York, then east to Bridlington before returning to Humberside. York proved hard to find …

  • Collecting G-LTFB

    Collecting G-LTFB

    The previous owner of G-LTFB was based in the Channel Islands, so Ian flew on FlyBe from Humberside International Airport to Jersey with our instructor Edward Hawkins to pick her up. Weather for the trip back to Humberside was great and the journey was done in less than three hours. The climb out from Jersey…